Grasshopper Pie


A show I both love and hate on The Food Network is “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives”.

That host. Guy Ferrariririeinfi4eujfamsd. Why is he always shooutttinngg? And that red convertible…it’s too much. Too much. Also his hair. OH MY GOSH whhyyyy.

But boy, I do love the food on that show. Like all of it. There are always juicy burgers, award-winning sandwiches, and pie. So much beautiful pie.

My mother and grandma requested this pie for our Mother’s Day celebration. It’s delicious, and adult, and minty! A 1/2 cup of different liquors are blended together to provide kick and flavor. And this liquor aint cooked out, so watch out for the children, children.


And the crust is fun! Oreos are pulsed up into crumbs. Sometimes I love a good Oreo paired with a glass of milk. You know, simple living.


Melted butter is blended with the cookie crumbs so that our crust will hold together in the pan.



See those clumps starting to form from the butter/cookie mashup? That’s good. Juuuuuust fine.


Next is our filling. The two liquors used are creme de menthe–a minty, (generally) bright green cordial, and creme de cacao. Creme de cacao is common in chocolate or coffee cocktails, and also, grasshopper pie! Don’t worry about which brand to choose for both of these, just buy what’s cheapest.


This pie is GREEN. Like St. Patty’s Day green. You could buy the creme de menthe that is clear, but why? If you want a white pie, I guess. But I mean, why not green? Go for the green.


Whipped cream is folded into our green gelatinous mixture to create the va-voom of the pie. The gelatin in this is like hair spray in your bee hive (the hair version of a bee hive, don’t be confused). It holds everything together.



Fold the whipped cream in gently and slowly, about 1/3 at a time. Folding takes patience so as to not deflate all the good air bubbles that will make this pie extra fluffy. Just hum a tune and keep on folding.


Chill this bad boy for at least 6 hours, or overnight, ideally. The filling needs plenty of time to set up before cutting.


Some simple touches of whipped cream and chocolate shavings are added on right before serving for that pro-look. Pro-look? Maybe that’s not the right phrase. Fancy touch? Pretty pizzazz? I don’t know- but I do know that this pie is light, fluffy, minty, and has a subtle kick at the end from the liquor. So many good things happening in this pie! Go make one for your mom now.

If I were Guy Ferrari, I would yell my farewell words at you. But since my hair isn’t frosted a metallic blonde, I’ll keep it simple.

Much love to you all and I hope you had a lovely, mothery mother’s day!


serves 8-12

recipe from


24 Oreos, crushed into crumbs

3 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted


3 egg yolks

1 envelope unflavored gelatin

1/2 cup granulated sugar

2 cups heavy cream, divided

pinch of salt

1/4 cup green creme de menthe

1/4 cup white creme de cacao

Make the crust:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine the Oreo cookie crumbs and melted butter in a medium bowl and toss with fork until the crumbs are evenly moistened. Press into a 9 inch pie pan, and refrigerate for 20 minutes. Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes, and let cool before adding the filling.

Make the filling:

In a medium bowl, whisk egg yolks until foamy, about 30 seconds. Set aside. In a medium saucepan, stir together the gelatin, sugar, 1/2 cup of heavy cream, and salt. Let set until gelatin softens, about 5 minutes. Cook over medium heat until gelatin dissolves and the mixture is hot but not boiling, about 2 minutes. Whisking continuously, slowly drizzle the gelatin mixture into the egg yolks. Stir until combined, and return mixture to saucepan to cook, stirring constantly until slightly thickened, about 2 more minutes. Remove from the heat and stir in creme de menthe and creme de cacao. Pour into a large bowl and refrigerate, stirring every 5 minutes or so, until it starts to thicken, about 20 minutes.

Beat the remaining 1 1/2 cups of heavy cream on high speed until stiff peaks form. Gently whisk 1 cup of the whipped cream into the gelatin mixture until completely incorporated. Using a rubber spatula, fold the remaining whipped cream into the gelatin mixture until no white streaks remain.

Scrape the mixture into the cooled pie shell, smooth the top, and refrigerate until firm, at least 6 hours or overnight. Serve with whip cream and chocolate curls if desired (I’m sure you desire it).

Slice and serve! Happy St. Patty’s Day. I mean Mother’s Day. I mean Guy-Ferrari-Is-So-Loud Day.


One thought on “Grasshopper Pie

  1. This pie lived up to my childhood memories. Yes, I ate this pie before I was 14. Maybe before I was 13. The lines are a little blurry on that. Probably because of the creme de menthe.If your grandmother makes a pie, you eat it. This one happened to be very good. Like candy with a forbidden center. Thank you Katherine. It might be another 30 years before I have another pie like this. A wonderful walk down memory lane for grandma and I.

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