Why I Do What I Do


Hello! You being here, reading this right now, makes me so glad!

Assuming that this first post will be read by primarily friends, family and people I know, I want to thank those of you who have encouraged my many hours in the kitchen– as well as letting me feed you pounds of sugar and butter over the years. You guys can really put it away, and always with a smile on your face. Your eating and cheerleading are important reasons why I love to do what I do.

To bake. To create. To find food coloring between my toes.

I can’t tell you the exact month or season when I started baking, but I do know that I wouldn’t be making dozens of cookies and gallons of ganache if it wasn’t for the constant and talented example my mom has been in the kitchen ever since my sister and I were wee ones. Her ability to churn out an apple crumb pie in an hour flat is uncanny, and her chocolate cake never receives anything less than the highest praise at every party she attends.


My mother’s heart is big- really big.  I have watched her create and bake and then give these baked goods to those she loves and those who have needed love. I really believe she frosts a cake with whomever she is giving it to in mind, loving and praying and thinking of them as she makes the final touches.

I love my mom for her giving heart, and I love that she could show this through something so simple and tangible as baking.

My mom’s tenderness in the kitchen, as well as in the rest of her successes as a parent, truly impacted my passion to continue on in a similar path. I want to reach people like my mom does through the comfort of food; to create a sense of community over the breaking of bread (or brownies); to show someone they are loved, even if it’s just with a few chocolate chip cookies. My mom has done this, and for that I am perpetually thankful.

My love for flour, sugar, and butter is on an absurd level, and at the very least this blog will help me channel this craze into something that can benefit not just me, but YOU, too! So here are my first and humble attempts at reaching a greater audience with my baking– sharing recipes and stories with you in a slightly more vulnerable way then I am used to, and hoping that each post will inspire someone in its own radical way. So keep a steady eye out for new posts firing your way– maybe even one about soft and chewy cookies with a touch of heaven?

In the meantime, look at these cinnamon rolls.



6 thoughts on “Why I Do What I Do

  1. I am new to your wonderful blog and wish you the best……so much fun to read and the recipes look yummy.I am staring at two of your cinnamon rolls as I type and cannot wait to try them…….they are calling my name.

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